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 How Can Sports Massage Help Me?

How can sports massage help me? Sports massage can you improve your recovery time and make you less sore.  By flushing inflammatory markers from your well used muscles, and increasing circulation, therapeutic massage can help you move with less pain.  By warming tendons and fascia and loosening muscle adhesions, Massage and active stretching, can help improve and your range of motion.  Many athletes find that regular bodywork can help them maintain a higher level of training over a longer period of time and remain injury free.  However if you do get hurt; massage can help you rehab from many common sports injuries including, planter fasciaitis, IT syndrome, Strained Quads, Glutes or Hamstrings, tennis elbow. 
Another benefit to massage is an improved body awareness.  If you get regular massage you can start to feel patterns of tension and figure out how to strengthen and stretch so you have better performance and more comfortable active lifestyle. 

What is the difference between Sports massage and Therapeutic Massage? Much of it is focus and goal of the massage.  Usually in a sports massage the therapist and the client agree on a goal to flush certain areas of the body, or work out addhesions in certain muscles groups etc.  Nothing is more frustrating to a runner to go for a massage only to have the therapist spend 15 minutes on your legs and the rest of time on your upper body.  Because, an athlete's muscles are used more, deeper pressure may be needed to release tension and get to the layer causing the trouble. Usually sports massage is like deep tissue in that its not always relaxing during the session.  Deep breathing can go a long way when it "hurts so good".  You also don't want to get deep massage to close to a competion or big race.  If you can fit in massage before a rest day or "easy" day in your training schedule that is ideal.

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Benefits of Sports Massage
Improved Recovery Time
Injury Prevention
Injury Recovery
Increased Range of Motion
Pain Relief
Improved Body Awareness

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I am so grateful to Liz for her amazing work! I am a Track athlete and I come to ABQ for altitude training. When I go on the road, I'm always nervous about whether I'll be able to find someone for good body work, since my body is my livelihood. Liz has exceeded every expectation. On two occasion, she managed to heal problems that had been plaguing me for months. In 2011, I had a chronic Achilles injury that wouldn't go away, but by the end of my month in ABQ, I was running pain free. Same thing this year...I had been nursing a sore hip for weeks, but after one session with Liz my range of motion was normal and my pain was gone.

Liz is a kind person with great hands. She is able to follow tightness along the bio-mechanical chain and find the root of the problem. I found her initially through another local runner (see review by Alex W), and she was re-recommended to me by the UNM Track coach, who has her work on the entire team. Liz is extremely talented and I'm so thankful to have her as part of my "team."


Professional Runner, US Olympian London 2012 & 2016